Alfresco WCM Technology Preview

If you’ve worked with TeamSite, a lot of things in Alfresco’s WCM preview will look familiar. TeamSite’s workareas are Alfresco’s sandboxes. There are similarities in the usage of terms (virtualization, branching, minOccurs, maxOccurs etc) and other concepts too. But this is no coincidence given the fact that many people, including the VP of WCM come … Read more Alfresco WCM Technology Preview

What data should a CMS manage?

There are often cases when a website or portal needs to display content generated internally in the CMS along with content generated externally. Examples include showing news feeds from 3rd party content providers or displaying content from other applications like a CRM. So the question often asked is – Should this external content first get into the CMS and then delivered by the site OR should the site directly pull content from these sources and display it?

There’s no single answer and the solution obviously depends on each situation. Routing all content thru a CMS has some advantages:

Read moreWhat data should a CMS manage?

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