Web Content Management for multilingual sites

I attended a Summit on Internationalisation, organized by W3C Indian Office. The conference focused on issues specific to Indian market and some of the solutions to these issues. Richard Ishida, the Internationalization Activity Lead at the W3C, spoke about the need to separate presentation from content and if done properly, can go a long way … Read more Web Content Management for multilingual sites

CM Pros Fall 2006 Summit

The Fall 2006 CM Pros Summit, Content Management and the World Enterprise will take place Monday, 27 November, 2006, in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies in Boston, Massachusetts. Here are some details: Event anouncement: http://www.cmpros.org/ Call for papers: http://www.cmprofessionals.org/events/summit/fall2006/forms/callpapers/ (deadline August 23) Details about the Summit: http://www.cmprofessionals.org/events/summit/fall2006/

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