Web Content Management for multilingual sites

I attended a Summit on Internationalisation, organized by W3C Indian Office. The conference focused on issues specific to Indian market and some of the solutions to these issues.

Richard Ishida, the Internationalization Activity Lead at the W3C, spoke about the need to separate presentation from content and if done properly, can go a long way in developing better multi lingual sites.

Now, this separation of concerns is a major premise behind content management systems. My colleagues, Sujatha and Kashyap, took this idea further and spoke about how a content management system can be an enabler for building multi lingual sites. Their premise was that for building a multilingual website, one needs to think about these issues at each stage of the life cycle and a web content management system can help you with that. To summarize their presentation, it is helpful if:

  • Strong processes are in place that helps one integrate business goals, people and technologies (Global and Local Content Managers, Translations etc.)
  • A good content management infrastructure is there
  • User experience has been tailored to local needs

CM Pros Fall 2006 Summit

The Fall 2006 CM Pros Summit, Content Management and the World Enterprise will take place Monday, 27 November, 2006, in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies in Boston, Massachusetts. Here are some details:

IBM buys FileNet

After months of speculations, FileNet finally got acquired. And it was not Oracle, as some rumors suggested but IBM who acquired it.

This might change the game for some customers. I suspect it’ll be a long time before IBM actually rationalizes the two product lines (if at all they decide to do it) and hence customers will still need to consider both products (IBM and FileNet) in their evaluations. In some of the evaluations, IBM was ahead of FileNet because of factors like market presence and so on. However, this difference will go away now. Secondly, I know some customers who were actually considering both these products and I suspect they will just postpone their plans till a clearer picture emerges.

The other interesting thing would be how FileNet’s partners figure in the whole scheme of things. FileNet has alliances with HP, MS, BEA and Sun. Interestingly, IBM is not mentioned in their list of partners 🙂

I have not seen too many ECM products with decent delivery capabilities. I hope this deal will change this with a tighter integration between Websphere portal server and FileNet.

And finally, like in the portals space, there’s one less pure play ECM vendor now and the Infrastructure brigade marches on. I think HP, Sun and Oracle will be forced to make a move in this space sooner than later. There are quite a few targets – Fatwire, Interwoven, Stellant and Vignette. Seth has a list of possibilities here. What’s your guess?