Tracking performance of the ECM industry

As the ECM space matures, it is becoming increasingly important to track major players' financial performance - something along the lines of a sector index of a stock exchange. My colleague, Kashyap Kompella has coined a tongue-in-cheek term for such an index. It's called CoMa index and includes Filenet, OpenText, Vignette, Hummingbird, Stellent, and Interwoven … Continue reading Tracking performance of the ECM industry

Decoupling CMS features

CMS Watch has a post on decoupling of search and ECM. In my interactions with the clients, I've also noticed a similar trend. Clients who are considering implementing a CMS or Portal product have started putting more focus on a particular set of functionalities among their requirements. These requirements go under the category of "flexibility" … Continue reading Decoupling CMS features