Tracking performance of the ECM industry

As the ECM space matures, it is becoming increasingly important to track major players’ financial performance – something along the lines of a sector index of a stock exchange.

My colleague, Kashyap Kompella has coined a tongue-in-cheek term for such an index. It’s called CoMa index and includes Filenet, OpenText, Vignette, Hummingbird, Stellent, and Interwoven for a start. In his post, Kashyap describes this in detail. An interesting aspect of this is how CoMa index relates to NASDAQ. One of the conclusions is:

Both the indices move in the same general direction, exhibiting the same trend – showing that the same factors affecting the overall technology sector are affecting the CM companies as well.

Decoupling CMS features

CMS Watch has a post on decoupling of search and ECM. In my interactions with the clients, I’ve also noticed a similar trend. Clients who are considering implementing a CMS or Portal product have started putting more focus on a particular set of functionalities among their requirements. These requirements go under the category of “flexibility” and require that instead of using a specific feature of the product, it should be possible to decouple it from the product and use the same feature from another “best of breed” product. Some examples of such features: Continue reading “Decoupling CMS features”