CMS Watch releases Enterprise Portals Report

CMS Watch has released their latest report – Enterprise Portals Report. The report, written by noted portal and content management analyst, Janus Boye is an excellent resource for anyone who’s got anything to do with portals. From a first timer who wants to understand the Portal technologies to more advanced users who want to compare products and learn from best practices, it has something for everyone.

CMS product costs – hindrance to offshoring?

One of the biggest hindrances to offshoring CMS projects is the product license costs. If a project can have an offshore component, one of the ways to do it is to setup an offshore development environment (I will talk about different options for offshoring in a bigger article that I’m currently working on). That means setting up a CMS instance, database instance and probably an application server/portal server locally. This also means that Continue reading “CMS product costs – hindrance to offshoring?”

Is Google closer to being a CMS player?

Google recently announced the launch of Google Page Creator (as usual it’s in Beta). So, by using this tool, people can create static web sites using an intuitive AJAX based interface. Although it’s simple and easy, it’s not something that is not there already. Geocities and Tripod have provided this for ages.
One thing that I noticed though is  Continue reading “Is Google closer to being a CMS player?”