Beyond Human Computer Interaction

Kashyap has posted a very interesting take on Human Computer Interaction. In fact, he takes it to a new level and calls it Human Device Interaction (HDI).

Kashyap observes:

The field of HCI is reasonably mature and it is safe to say that the rules of the game are well understood.

This is probably true in general but I do not think that this understanding has actually been applied yet to enterprise products, including content management and portal products. In fact, there is often a trade-off between usability and scalability. High end products are usually not as good in usability as low end products. Generally, I’ve found that as you move from personal to departmental to enterprise, the usability decreases. However, I think things are changing and more and more product vendors are focusing on usability.

Also, focusing more on devices other than computers becomes even more important in countries like India where PC penetration is less than that of other devices.

One thought on “Beyond Human Computer Interaction

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