EMC building a more complete ECM suite

Recently, EMC announced acquisitions of Acartus and Captiva in a bid to offer an end to end ECM offering. Both these products are on the opposite ends of the content life-cycle spectrum. Captiva is for managing content input (by scanning and digitization), whereas Acartus provides solution for content archival. So, now EMC has all the … Continue reading EMC building a more complete ECM suite

ECM in India – Challenges and Opportunities

I'd blogged earlier about ECM market in Asia and India. As a result of the wide diversity in terms of cultures, languages and other factors, India provides some unique challenges to vendors considering creating products catering to this market. 1. India has 22 officially recognised languages, numerous dialects and unofficial languages. There's huge amount of … Continue reading ECM in India – Challenges and Opportunities

Sun enhances portal offering

Earlier this month, Sun announced that it's making JES and developer tools free and open source. After all, open sourcing is the ultimate outsourcing. Today, they announced a new version of portal server (Sun JES Portal Server 7) with enhanced community, collaboration and identity based features. With improved AJAX support, people can build collaborative and … Continue reading Sun enhances portal offering