Employee/Enterprise-focused Digital Technologies

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Document Management, Business Process Management (BPM), Records Management
  • Cloud File Sharing: Managing files and documents using cloud-based services for sharing and collaboration
  • Portals and Application software: Integrating multiple applications  via a personalized Portal
  • Dynamic Document Composition: Document Output Management and Customer Communication Management
  • Social Media and Collaboration: Enterprise social and collaboration technologies for employee, customer, user and partner collaboration

Digital Marketing Technologies

  • Web Content and Experience Management: Managing content and experience for your digital channels
  • Mobile and Multichannel Delivery: Delivering and managing content for mobile and other internet connected devices
  • Digital Asset Management: Managing multi-media – audio and video — assets
  • Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Analytics, Campaign and Lead Management
  • CRM and Customer Experience Management (CXM)